Hello Readers…

When I thought about this topic, I found myself very enthusiastic to share my views on this. So, using this Blog to share my views…

I will write on 3 points to cover my whole thinking.

  1. What is Wealth (Its not only Money)
  2. The 100 Rs. thinking.
  3. Conclusion


For Me, “Wealth is everything – we value in our Life Time”. Like Money, Health, Personality, Happiness, Relations etc… This list varies from Person to Person. Every Person should define & understand the Wealth in there Life. The major part of it, is actually covered by Money. But Money is not everything. All other parts of Wealth get improved Psychologically, Emotionally & Physically. So, keeping the major factor of Wealth as Money in mind, I start my second Point.


Yes, 100 Rs., is it a big amount for anyone? the answers can be Yes or No. But, My answer will be – “it is a satisfactory amount”. Lets Imagine, two apples in a day are enough for me to stay alive in this beautiful world, I can buy these two apples in 100 Rs. & I have 100 Rs. now… So, what else you need for this day? Use this 100 Rs., get those two apples & enjoy your day.


To conclude, I will say, there are many other factors of the Wealth in Life, study them, allocate valuable time to them, don’t always run behind Money, do keep 100 Rs. thinking in your mind.

THAT MUCH WEALTH IS ENOUGH – To Enjoy Everything Everytime

Thank You.