I am sharing these views on the experience of 5 years involvement in Leo Club – Activity of Lions Clubs International. A NGO – Non Governmental Organisation – To Work for the Development of Society & Fulfil the requirements of Needy People. This is a basically Government’s work, but NGO – groups made with dedicated People – helps the Government as a back bone. Here I share the 5 important things a NGO must include in their working –
1. Trust –
Trust is a belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest & effective.
All the members should Trust the Officers they have Elected/Selected for the term they have been installed. The hidden benefit of every organisation is the developement of an individual, that is possible only when they work freely with their own decisions. There are seniors in every organisation, they should guide the Officers when they ask, otherwise they should also support the Officers decisions & working.

2. Involvement –
Every Organisation wish to have maximum involvement of their members. For this the activities of the Organisation should be altered with the Members Requirement & Support. Some old fashioned activities must be removed from the Agenda with the Time.

3. Survey
To understand the requirements of the Society & Needy People, NGO’s should have regular surveys within the Organisation Members & within the working area of Organisation. These surveys should include ratings on basic questions like Working of Organisation, Type of Activities, Society Need Fulfillments etc… This will provide a perfect guideline to officers while working for their term.

4. Respect
Many of the Organisations are working in different levels like City, District, State, Nation etc… Officers of the Organisation must respect the Seniors who reached at different levels, because they get more experience while working at different levels. Officers must respect their positions in activities & should involve them in their important decisions. The seniors should always give unbiassed suggestions whether officers accept it or not.

5. Positive Politics
Yes, Politics. This is going to be a part of Organisation where three or more people get involved. So, when this is an unavoidable part – we must accept it & keep it as Positive Politics.
Positive Politics is Politics done well in Organisation should be a positive force to create something good in a society and a community, inspire hope and trust. Politics can and should be a virtue in nature. Members & Officers should practice what they speak. Actions matter as much as words. Officers should try and give a lead. Organisations today needs to re-learn the virtues of leadership from the worlds of enterprise, sport, and inspirational leaders are showing what can be achieved with a positive approach. Too heavy activities to solve social problems can undermine our basic human responsibilities to each other. Politics should be about encouraging everyone to exercise responsibility and promoting active involvement.

Positive Politics helps to bind members together by involving and uniting all, whether young or old, to work together around shared local goals.

as a Charter Member,
Leo Club of Ichalkaranji