Hello Reader…

You must be doing well in all the areas around you, but some invisible goggles might be wear by you, which keeps you away from looking positiveness inside your work & actions.

These goggles are created by Selfish People around you, who wish to show you, your own picture as if they want you to behave or something like that… But there is always a person or a power, who don’t want to show this false picture to you… we should find out that power, that power is hidden in your body, wish to get out, wish to spend time with you…

That Power is TRUST. We should Trust in our actions, we should Trust in our words, we should Trust in that Divine Power, who designed our Actions & Words in our Life.

A Small story will make this Trust more clear in your Life.

Rahul, was new to his business, studied most part of business with his father in Two years span. Once His father gave him full charge before travelling to a 20 days trip & told him not to disturb until emergency. Due to slackness in payments, within 5 days Rahul found it difficult to pay outstanding bills. He remembered the words of his Guruji (just To take the example of trust) that, if you start making payments on Tuesday, no debt will be ever on you. He started that on coming Tuesday, whatever balance was with him, he paid those bills on Tuesday & make a list of outstanding bills to be paid by next Tuesday. Here the power of trust worked. He cleared all the outstanding by next Tuesday.

With this example, I am not setting any rule, that payment should be made on Tuesday, its just a true story of my friend Rahul which motivated me & my group to understand the power of Trust.

We should trust in our-self & on creator that whatever He do, it is made for us & we will get benefits out of it.

Share your trust stories in comments…

Thanks for sparing time on my blog. Love You.